Zac Guildford finds himself in a heap of media hype at the moment, following his drunken behaviour in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. The All Black winger was staying on the island for a friends wedding, and finds himself in the kak after allegedly rocking up pissed and naked at a beach side bar and assaulting two holiday makers at the bar. Apart from being naked and drunk, Zac also had a bleeding gash to his forehead (from falling off his scooter earlier in the day reports mentioned). More on what happened can be read here.
The NZRU have released a statement on the matter, saying Zac will need a structured and on going plan of  support. NZRU Neil Sorensen said “…it is fairly clear that there are some very big issues involved here, and rugby cannot provide all the solutions on our own.”
The 22 year old World Cup winner admits to having a drinking problem, and has since apologised, stating he wants to make positive steps to sort himself out.